We’ve been talking about gamification and how it has been changing the way we see engagement and commitment.  We all enjoy being recognized and rewarded for our success, and for this reason, there is so much more your team leader should know about gamification and its benefits in creating engagement among teams. 

We are talking about gamification with regard to organizational change management. When rolled out properly, gamification could provide a structure to your users for the new skills they need to learn. Any new process or system rollout requires employees to unlearn some old behaviours and learn new behaviours and skills, but the traditional rollout and training activities give them the perception that a change is being forced upon them. Gamification gives them the control to make those behaviour changes at their pace. A sense of “competition” with their peers keeps them engaged and motivated. 


There have been many documented cases where big and small corporations alike benefited from implementing gamification in their internal processes and sales and marketing efforts. The results include more engaged employees, more active and loyal customers, and increased revenues. 

Market statistics reveal that the gamification industry is poised for phenomenal growth.  

Gamification data is clear – gamification works. 

You should use it to work for your business. 

The good thing about gamification is that it’s easy to implement, especially with many gamification tools in the market, and it’s fun and exciting for your audience, be they your employees, customers, or students. After all, who doesn’t like playing games? 

The ability to be recognized for their achievements (however big or small) is universal. The recognition may be a position on the leaderboard, small monetary rewards (gift cards, free coffee, etc.), or perhaps lunch with a dynamic leader of the organization. Gamifyou can be used for rewarding employees for learning new skills to be more productive, which ultimately impacts the entire organization or even for their social responsibility performance (recycling for example). 

The compelling motivation to compete, win, level up, and be rewarded (without losing sleep if you fail because you can try again with more patience and perseverance next time) ensures the participation of everyone.  

Take your teams performance to the next level with gamification 

Basically, team leaders can take performance to the next level with gamification, ensuring their team’s engagement by getting them the chance to be a hero, daily and see a clear path to success; changing behaviour, recognizing employees instantly and rewarding them for good practices; creating a culture driven by ongoing excellence and of course, completely aligned with each company’s values, and by creating emotional engagement with your teams.  Also, at the same time, team leaders get themselves more motivated and engaged by seeing their teams’ commitment.

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