Have you ever heard the term Gamification in IoT before? IoT stands for Internet of Things. 

IoT means taking all the connectable devices in the world and connecting them to the internet. IoT is at the centre of the digital transformation revolution that is changing the shape of business, enterprise, and people’s lives. This transformation changes everything we manage and operate our homes to automating processes across nearly all industries. 

What’s the connection between IoT and Gamification  

The Internet of Things is almost a “new” paradigm that is transforming our society and our life. IoT is the concept of intelligent sensors or IP-enabled devices, denoted as “smart objects” interacting with one another through an online connection. Gamification in IoT is not new, nor is it unique to IoT user experiences. Based on what we know of the highly interactive, responsive, and personalized nature of IoT products and services, gamification promises to be one of the most compelling IoT concepts to apply to eLearning environments, healthcare services, home appliances automation, smart water management system, transportation industry, and renewable energy.  

These last examples are some of the things we have been doing at InnoWave Group, gathering our IoT company ViGIE, with Gamifyou – The Gamification company. 

We have been joining forces and impacting people’s lives by monitoring the quality of healthcare services, smart water management systems, and also through gamification, engaging our customers, our employees, improving the company’s customer engagement. 


How Gamification And IoT Work Together? 

 Mostly, gamification is used to push behavioural changes. Let’s say for example you desire to have more engaged customers. You can implement a gamification process with your customer, rewarding him by each behaviour you want to recognize, through points. With those points, your customer will have access to special discounts and experiences. Those who are on the top 3 of the more engaged customers are recognized as a different category, like premium customers. 

We have IoT smart devices everywhere, from our fitness tracking wearables to beacons in stores or to any other kind of sensors that we can interact with. Beacons enable real-time and location-based interaction, making the process more involving. Since they can gather and analyze data, they can tailor the gamification-related matters (tasks, rewards, etc.) to boost customer engagement. 

 For example, if you want to monitor a specific action, such as recycling, or public transportation’s use, or even the attendance of an audience, you can use IoT to complement this monitoring.  

IoT and Gamification together to increase engagement. 

Could IoT and Gamification be better combinations for human life with high-level engagement?

Next September 30 you will find out at our Webinar The IoT of Tomorrow. 

Stay tuned and join us! 


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