No one can deny that gamification is a growing trend in businesses, and the logistics sector is no exception. Gamification in logistics is a tool that helps employees do their jobs more efficiently by involving them in fun processes that boost their motivation and competitiveness.

Efficiency is one of the basic cornerstones of logistics, therefore is imperative to increase the level of efficiency in logistics in order to improve employee productivity through motivation and the playful aspects of tasks.

There are a lot of benefits of gamification in logistics. In effect, gamification helps to bring together groups of workers and inspires them to give it their all in every operation they perform.


4 Benefits of gamification in logistics


Increase commitment: Gamification has the power to entertain training sessions and motivates operators to be engaged in their daily warehousing tasks. In order to have committed employees motivation is key, therefore the implementation of games, contests, for example, will motivate even more operators in their daily work lives.

Productivity and efficiency: as we mentioned earlier, this is a basic cornerstone of logistics. Cohesion and competitiveness (as long as it is healthy) between operators will maximize the performance. In this case is important to reward the best, in order to set an example for others. This will encourage each worker to do their best, and throughout the time it will set a quality standard.

Transparency and visibility: Gamification turns pleasant any process. Through technology, managers have access to performance data for each operation and operator, which allows pinpointing warehouse inefficiencies.

Promotion and retention: Through data generated by gamification initiatives, warehouse managers will be able to break down the most important key performance indicators (KPI) for each segment by operator. This will help to identify the most efficient workers.


Gamification has the potential to decrease some cornerstones of logistics, and well applied has the potential to increase productivity and efficiency, as also increase transparency and commitment.

So, what are you looking for? Gamification is the solution.

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